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António Espírito-Santo

TC-37 - Measurements and Networking

António Espírito-Santo is currently Head of Department and Professor in the Electromechanical Department, from the Faculty of Engineering, of the University of Beira Interior, Portugal, where he has been a faculty member since 1997. António completed his Ph.D. in Electrotechnical Engineering at the University of Beira Interior and the MSc in Electrotechnical Engineering at the University of Coimbra. His research interests lie in the scientific area of instrumentation and measurement, ranging from theory to design and implementation. He actively collaborates with other researchers worldwide in several other disciplines promoting the interdisciplinary. Currently, António is an Integrated Member of the Institute of telecommunications (IT)  research unit. He also chairs the IEEEP21451-002 Working Group in Low-Power Smart Transducers, sponsored by the IEEE-ISE and co-sponsored by the IEEE-IMS.

University of Beira Interior (PORTUGAL)
TC 37 Member (since 2019)